Continuously monitor your internet
connection for interruptions

Watch demo or check documentation on how UptimeLog works

Obtain a complete overview of internet availability

UptimeLog is a macOS tool that monitors your internet connection continuously and logs interruptions as a calendar heat map, providing a comprehensive overview of the timing and duration of any internet connection disruptions.

Calendar Heatmap
Get a comprehensive overview of the dates on which the highest number of internet connection disruptions occurred.
Export to CSV file
Store all internet connection status logs over time in a human-readable CSV format.
Log Granularity
Obtain a comprehensive overview of Internet connection events, including of online/offline status changes, event durations, Wi-Fi network names (SSID), and more.
Tweak Settings
Modify the options for determining internet connection availability, including server selection for pinging, timeout duration for response, and other related settings.

Frequently asked questions

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Is UptimeLog free?
Yes, it is completely free.
Is there a version for Windows?
At this moment UptimeLog is available for Mac only.
Which macOS versions are supported?
UptimeLog runs on macOS Big Sur (version 11) and up.
How it works?
UptimeLog performs continuous pings to a configurable list of servers, waiting for responses to determine the internet connection status. It then displays the status in a comprehensive log overview and a calendar heatmap.
Why does UptimeLog connect to
When the application starts, it attempts to check for the availability of the latest version. If a new version is available, a message offering the option to download the new version of UptimeLog appears at the bottom of the application web page.
Why does UptimeLog runs in a web browser?
UptimeLog is a native application that runs as a local web server, accessible through the Dashboard menu item in the Menu Bar. The Dashboard, designed as a web page, allows access from the Local Area Network (LAN) as well.